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About Us
Hearty welcome! We believe in the adage 'Knowledge is power'. In the age of globalization only a person who can process information and apply knowledge can stay abreast. Working knowledge of English equips an individual in every nook and cranny of the world to be competent. In the Universal Scenario, English acts as: a life skill, link language, medium for higher education, employment and business dealings. Primarily English functions as a window to the world. However, reports reveal that poor English skills affect an individual’s higher education, socio-economic mobility and employability. Strenuous research conducted by Ms. Suby Paul George to find out the root cause of the disconnect between the teachers and  the learners in the English class rooms paved the way to Cognitive Verb-side Code Methodology (CVC), the Comprehensive English Proficiency Project (CEPP) and the institute named ‘Eloquence’. The seed of Eloquence was sown on 29th July, 1991 at N. Paravur, in Ernakulam district of Kerala in India. It sprouted into 'An abode of English workshop'. Ms. Suby Paul George experimented various methods to teach English here. The Institution was blessed by Prof K.N. Bharathan, former principal of Maharaja's College, Ernakulam, Prof M.N. Vijayan, a well–known Malayalam critic and Rev: Fr. K.J. Kuriakose. In 2011 Eloquence extended to its new phase as Eloquence Lingua Academy- 'An institute for Teachers Training Course for CEPP', wherein teachers are trained to assist the linguistically disadvantaged learners having basic English vocabulary. The course enhances the English language acquisition process (Mental Grammar). The approach pursued is radical, scientific, psychological and bilingual and the methodology adopted is Cognitive Verb-side Code Methodology (CVC). After the Teacher's Training program, these teachers impart training at their respective franchisee units. The chief aim of the academy is to make the linguistically disadvantaged learners acquire the nuances of the English language gradually and systematically which they were not able to gain during the initial years from their societal environment and school education. The students are trained to become competent, confident and operational in language skills like comprehension, listening, speaking, reading, writing and attempting grammar exercises accurately through constant practice and guidance. The teachers and students of Eloquence Lingua Academy have started showing remarkable progress after adopting this Learner- friendly, interesting, Code-based, non-traditional method of language acquisition.

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