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How is 'Comprehensive English Proficiency Project (CEPP)' different from other Communicative English classes ?

The Core of Comprehensive English Proficiency Project (CEPP)

CEPP is a code oriented method of teaching English. By concentrating on the nuances of the verb part of a sentence even a twelve year old Malayalam medium student (non-native) can derive the codes effortlesslyse


1. An initial learner is trained and monitored from two years of his/her mental age, enhancing his/her ability to acquire the mental grammar of English language.
2. During the initial language acquisition phase a learner is continuously monitored and rectified through dependant and independent stage and is gradually led to inter-dependant (interactive) stage.
3. CVC methodology can also be applied in large class rooms.
4. Self correction is possible
5. CVC provides proper environment which enables a non-native learner to string well-formed structures (concrete words, abstract words and proper word order(syntax))
6. Balancing accuracy with fluency
7. CVC Methodology fosters inclusive education

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