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How is 'Comprehensive English Proficiency Project (CEPP)' different from other Communicative English classes ?

The Core of Comprehensive English Proficiency Project (CEPP)

CEPP is a code oriented method of teaching English. By concentrating on the nuances of the verb part of a sentence even a twelve year old Malayalam medium student (non-native) can derive the codes effortlessly. These codes help him/her to formulate the corresponding sentence structures. While doing this the difference between Malayalam structures and English structures is also taken into account. It is bilingual in approach because the non-natives are proficient only in their home-language or other regional languages of their societal-environment during their initial language acquisition stage. Even the highly qualified non-natives feel like a fish out of water when they are forced to speak and write only in English, because the nuances of English language are incomprehensible to him/her. CEPP is Learner-centered and humanistic in approach. It takes into account the emotional and intellectual needs of a learner and is taught in modules. It comprises of Bridge Level Course, Basic Level Course, and Advanced Level Course


1. An initial learner is trained and monitored from two years of his/her mental age, enhancing his/her ability to acquire the mental grammar of English language.
2. During the initial language acquisition phase a learner is continuously monitored and rectified through dependant and independent stage and is gradually led to inter-dependant (interactive) stage.
3. CVC methodology can also be applied in large class rooms.
4. Self correction is possible
5. CVC provides proper environment which enables a non-native learner to string well-formed structures (concrete words, abstract words and proper word order(syntax))
6. Balancing accuracy with fluency
7. CVC Methodology fosters inclusive education

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