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Media talk
"……..Multinational companies turn away qualified Malayali candidates due to poor communication skills in English. Our school children and even highly educated professionals cut a sorry figure by remaining tongue- tied when they are required to speak in English……"

A father grieved helplessly in Indian Express. CEPP assures a complete solution for the dilemma of parents who wish to help their children. It removes the fear of a learner and gradually develops his/her confidence in four language skills Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

"……..English is being taught compulsorily in Kerala Schools and Colleges. But, do we provide the students with the ambience required for grasping and mastering the English idiom, its ways of thinking, speaking and writing? It cannot be disputed that unless you can think in the language you are supposed to master, you can't get a grip on that language. Language learning starts with listening, thinking and speaking in that language. That is why babes learn their mother tongue quick and fast. They don't begin with alphabets and grammar and sentence structuring. Start first with listening, thinking and speaking followed by the rules of the language. That is the natural order……….."

....Second language pedagogy must meet the most stringent criterion of universal success: the spontaneous and appropriate use of language for at least every day purposes. This is a feat achieved in one's own language(s) by every preschool child It is this 'minimum level of proficiency' (which can however be shown to require a mental grammar of remarkable sophistication which allows for the comprehension and production of language in real 'time'(Chomsky-1975).…

Above excerpts shows the importance of 'thinking' in language acquisition process. The question is "can we provide adequate facilities to develop the 'ability to think' in a crowded classroom?" History has proved that only a minority group of schools are succeeding in this attempt. The news related with the problems are repeatedly being published in news papers and journals. Above news shows the importance of 'thinking' in language acquisition process. To think in English a mental grammar with remarkable sophistication is needed. Since the direct method is not applicable for non native, parallel measures should be taken. CEPP is effectively doing this "fixation of MG" through CVC methodology. .

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