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As a linguaphile (lover of words and languages) and a Franchisee who has been witnessing several batch of students, I understood that this method works for all categories of people. Students shared their fruitful compliments and parents expressed their gratitude. Another significant feature of this methodology is that it will make the participants confident in handling English language skills and makes its usage easier in their day to day life.CVCM is a prodigious work in the field of English language learning....Siju Thomas, (Ernakulam)

As a teacher, I would vouch for CVCM as the best method for acquiring the skills of English language - listening, speaking, reading and writing. It makes one proficient in the language with respect to accuracy which is one of the best features. People belonging to different category such as those who write IELTS exam, school going children as well as employees and housewives are benefited equally. CVCM helps to bridge the gap we come across while handling English language. It makes one capable to handle English fearlessly and with increased confidence....Neethu Siju, ( Ernakulam)

A student of cvc methodology reminds me of a person engaged in laying interlock tiles. Unaware of the final look of the floor he arranges the tiles according to the grooves to give the floor a beautiful finish. In a similar fashion a cvc student arranges the words and makes an accurate sentence. Cvc methodology is really unique and effective. Thanks to Mrs. Suby Paul George,the inventor....Benny Devasia, (Kannur)

"This is a unique method to learn and teach English without any fear or embarassment that may arise while handling a foreign language. One has never come across such an easy, innovative and effective course to learn English. Now students do not show any kind of boredom or hesitation while learning English. Instead, they show deep interest in language learning with the eagerness to know and learn more like science subjects."....Kishore & Mustafa, (Malappuram)
When I first heard about CEPP(Comprehensive English Proficiency Project) I thought, this was also an ineffective method of teaching English, because the promoters said it was bilingual. I thought it is impossible to teach English through Malayalam. But during the presentation I was half-convinced that this could be done. So I visited the Eloquence Lingua Academy and had long discussion with Ms.Suby Paul, the inventor. I was totally convinced and I joined the very next TTC. The depth of her research is incredible. Even the most difficult aspects of teaching Sight (which we, the so called English Teachers face) are addressed in a very simple way. But using formulae method the logical ability of the student is awakened. 90% of what is taught is acquired by the learner through his deduction and the process is etched in his mind. I think and I feel that even hundred pages cannot describe the feeling of progression I went through in class. (All these classes were handled by Ms.Suby Paul, Ms.Jyothi Narayanan, Mr.Bhuvandas and Mr.Mohommed Mustaffa, none of whom can claim my teaching experience)....Charles C. Manjooran, (Nettoor)

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